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Why have workplace First Aiders:

As well as needing to comply with the law in relation to Health & Safety regulations, there are a lot of other very good reasons to have a team of properly trained and certificated First Aiders in your workplace.

A trained and qualified First Aider can often turn a potentially dangerous situation into a professionally managed incident. The First Aiders prompt actions will avoid unnecessary suffering for those involved and perhaps save lives.

Having properly qualified First Aiders on your staff team can reduce sick leave through prompt emergency action and will demonstrate that your organisation is able to meet its duty of care to its staff.

Having sufficient First Aiders on your team will demonstrate that your organisation has a strong sense of social responsibility in relation to its stakeholders, and the wider community.

Whilst workplace accidents and medical health incidents are usually infrequent, even in the best-run organisations, things can unexpectedly go wrong. Having properly qualified First Aiders on-hand will make a real difference and enable you to turn a potential disaster into a well-managed situation.

First aid needs assessment

RT Training are willing to provide free telephone advice for companies wishing to carry out a first aid needs assessment; we also offer free on-site visits to companies with 150+ employees.

If you wish to receive advice or an on-site visit please fill out our form below or call 03333 44 2176

First Aid Courses

First Aid at Work

Emergency First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work Re-qualification

Paediatric First Aid

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Basic Life Support and Safe Use Of An Automated External Defibrillator [AED]

First Aid at Work [Remote Working]

First Aid at Work [Remote Working and Incident Management]

First Aid at Work [Equestrian Industry]

First Aid at Work [Equestrian Industry and Incident Management]

Instructor-led Industry/Schools Courses


In addition we offer e-learning workplace courses; click here to browse or use our search tool.

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