First Aid at Work (Poultry Passport Scheme)

First Aid at Work - Poultry Passport Scheme

As well as our specialised industry and sector courses; RT Training can assure our 3 day First Aid at Work and 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work are accredited and will count towards gaining a UK Poultry Passport.

What is a Poultry Passport?

British Poultry Training, formally the Poultry Meat Training Initiative was established to address a common non-conformance identified during assurance scheme audits – no training or incomplete training records.  The group made up of leading figures within the poultry industry, decided that the industry needed to have common levels of training for each role.  The group has defined the mandatory training required for each role and grouped them into three levels – one, two and three.  This mandatory training also has minimal content defined, with delivery of this training being carried out by approved providers or approved internal tutors.

The Poultry Passport is a secure on-line training recording system available to companies and individuals in the poultry sector, which records the mandatory training.  The Poultry passport allows the user to have instant access to their records which are fully maintained and updated on their behalf, on a continual basis.

Our courses

We understand how important first aid training and health and safety is to companies and employers; but we also understand how hard it can be to fit these courses around a busy working environment.

Here at RT Training we strive to make things easy for you. Together with your input we can provide courses that are suited to fit your needs and tailored to your particular work environment. Whether it be an office, factory, stable, school, or out in the field. We provide highly trained instructors specialised within your industry, who through their experience and understanding of your sector, can not only work around you and the best interests of your organisation, but also, and perhaps more importantly, provide a bespoke service that ensures the best possible protection for your employees, clients and customers.

First aid needs assessment

RT Training are willing to provide free telephone advice for companies wishing to carry out a first aid needs assessment; we also offer free on-site visits to companies with 150+ employees.

If you would like any further advice, RT Training is to provide free telephone advice to companies wishing to carry out a first aid needs assessment; we also offer free on-site visits to companies with 150+ employees.

If you wish to receive advice or an on-site visit please fill out our form below or call 03333 44 2176

Instructor-led Industry Courses

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First Aid Courses

First Aid at Work

Emergency First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work Re-qualification

Paediatric First Aid

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Basic Life Support and Safe Use Of An Automated External Defibrillator [AED]

First Aid at Work [Remote Working]

First Aid at Work [Remote Working and Incident Management]

First Aid at Work [Equestrian Industry]

First Aid at Work [Equestrian Industry and Incident Management]


In addition we provide e-learning workplace courses specific to industry; click here to browse or use our search tool.

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