Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric first aid

Instructor-led: 2 day course

Paediatric First Aid (2 day/12) hour in-house course for those working in Child Focused Settings: This is the default course for all child care professionals and is appropriate for any of the following frontline staff i.e. primary school teachers’ nannies, nursery workers, childminders, childcare, play workers and au-pairs.

Ofsted guidance states; that First Aid provision must be available at all times that children and babies are cared for either on the childcare premises or off the premises on visits and outings.

Course format: This course meets the requirements of Ofsted the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, is compliant with the requirements of the Department for Education, and meets the requirements for Ofsted’s ‘Child Care Registration’.

This introductory course requires 12 hours ‘direct contact training’ [i.e. excluding breaks and lunch time]. It is usually delivered in a two six hour day format, but can also be delivered over a maximum of 4 weeks [within a six X 2 hours sessions format].

Course aims: This introductory course will provide First-aiders working with babies and children with a range of knowledge and skills to enable them to; assess the situation and circumstances in order to act safely, and to promptly provide effective emergency First Aid to a casualty [or casualties] to prevent the situation from worsening and promote recovery.

Course content: While the main focus of this introductory course is First Aid for babies and children [under the age of puberty], the course will also include some basic First Aid skills for use with adults.

The course will follow the requirements of the Department for Education (First Aid) syllabus guidelines. Beyond this, we will always look to tailor the course to the most relevant requirements of your particular child care environment.

Participants will be provided with a First Aid Handbook and training pack and all the necessary course materials and training aids.

Throughout the course delegates will receive expert tutoring and in-depth training, with practical exercises, to enable them to understand, recognise and provide appropriate responses to a range of medical emergencies they might expect to encounter in a childcare environment.

Participants will learn a range of knowledge skills and procedures, which will enable them to stay safe and to know when they need to summon the Emergency Services, as well as knowing how to provide prompt and effective First Aid to a casualty [or casualties] following an injury or illness.

In particular, they will learn how to manage an unresponsive casualty and methods of resuscitation [CPR], choking, shock, wounds and bleeding, as well as understanding the signs of, and how to manage, a range of important medical conditions.

They will be taught how to use approved First Aid equipment and other materials to hand, as well as learning what is the appropriate contents of a first aid box, and the importance of recording/reporting accidents, incidents and near misses.

Having completed this course participants’ will be able to: Assess an emergency situation and prioritise what action needs to be taken [including knowing when it is relevant to call the Emergency Services].

In particular they will be able to recognise and respond appropriately to a child or baby who is: 

Assessment and course certification: a continual assessment process takes place throughout the course. Then having undergone a final appraisal by the tutor, upon successful completion of the course each participant will receive a Paediatric First Aid certificate, which is valid for three years from the date of issue.

Prerequisites: The only pre-conditions for delegates attending this course, are the delegates’ fitness to participate [see note below] and for them to have a keen interest in becoming a First-aider.