First Aid at Work [Equestrian and Incident Management Course]

First Aid at Work [Equestrian and Incident Management Course]

First Aid at Work [Equestrian and Incident Management Course] will provide delegates with a standard Highfield Awarding Body HSE First Aid at Work qualification. This course would cover the fully HSE syllabus, but there would be particular emphases on the issues that are likely to occur in a Equine environment e.g. spinal, head and other impact/crush injuries, fractures and dislocations, as well as Hypothermia, Exposure and Heat Exhaustion; but importantly this course also includes a fourth day outdoor ‘Incident Management’ component.

Through a series of simulation exercises, this fourth day would provide the delegates with hands-on practical First Aid ‘incident management’ challenges, appropriate to the sorts of ‘real life’ First Aid scenarios they might encounter in their workplace.

The fourth day would be very focused on the practical issues around the ‘incident management issues’ associated with multi casualty events, spinal injuries, head and other impact/crush injuries, fractures and dislocations, as well as Hypothermia, Exposure and Heat Exhaustion.

Having this extra day, means an employer is able to demonstrate that they have gone beyond the basics, and have put in place some gold standard provision; which should ever anything go wrong, would stand the employer in very good stead.

Each delegate will be provided with a First Aid at Work Training Handbook and an emergency response training pack.

On successful completion of the course, each delegate is issued with their own First Aid Certificate [valid for three years].

‘First Aid at Work [Equestrian and Incident Management Course]’ is an advance level course suitable for employees who have been nominated as First-aiders for their workplace, to comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive [HSE], where the workplace is classified as a ‘medium to high risk’ hazardous environment [*N.B. see below First Aid – Employers’ legal responsibility].

We are members of the Federation of First Aid Training Organisations, are a Highfield Awarding Body approved centre, and are an Adventure Activities Licencing Authority approved provider.

We offer specialised equine first aid courses for the equestrian industry. This includes bespoke versions our popular first aid courses. All courses adhere to HSE’s and first aid industry standards, with additional content modified to suit requirements for equine related injuries and risk. These include:

  • Crush injuries
  • Head and spinal injuries
  • ‘Rider’ and ‘stable’ related injuries
  • Extreme body temperature
  • Instruction on correct first-aid equipment needed for equine first-aid.

And more.

In addition our trainers are all experienced around horses and understand the workings of a busy stable. Therefore our instructors are able to work around the requirements of the horse, and staff attending to those needs. For further information please fill out our contact form below or call on 03333 442176.

Course format: This intensive course requires 18 hours ‘direct contact training’ [i.e. excluding breaks and lunch time]. It is usually delivered in a three six hour day format, but can also be delivered in other non-consecutive formats [although the sessions must be closely scheduled].

Course aims: This intensive introductory course will provide workplace First-aiders with a wide range of knowledge and skills to enable them to; assess the situation and circumstances in order to act safely, and to promptly provide effective emergency First Aid to a casualty [or casualties] to prevent the situation from worsening and promote recovery.

Assessment and course certification: Following ongoing assessment by the tutor and having undergone a final appraisal by way of a formal assessment process, upon successful completion of the course each participant will receive a First Aid at Work Certificate, which is valid for three years from the date of issue.

First Aid at Work Certificate holders, who want to renew their certificate, without needing to undertake a full repeat 18 hour [3 day] course, can do so by attending an approved 2-day refresher course, before or close to the expiry date of their certificate.

Annual Refresher: Although the Health and Safety Executive [HSE] recognize the First Aid at Work course as being valid for three years, in terms of ‘best practice’ the HSE highly recommends First-aiders attend an annual re-fresher course.

Prerequisites: The only pre-conditions for delegates attending this course, are the delegates’ fitness to participate [see note below] and for them to have a keen interest in becoming a First-aider.

However, you may have previously undergone some form of elementary introductory First Aid. This is usually achieved by their having attended a (4 hour) Emergency Life Support course [sometimes referred to as an Appointed Person course] and/or the one day Emergency First Aid at Work course, or perhaps some basic online training.