Workplace Regulations

Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

These regulations are concerned with the working environment. They place a duty on employers to make sure that the workplace is safe and suitable for the tasks being carried out there, and that it does not present risks to employees and others.

The regulations cover all aspects of the working environment, including:

    • Maintenance of the workplace, equipment, devices and systems.
    • Ventilation.
    • Temperature in indoor workplaces.
    • Lighting.
    • Cleanliness and waste materials.
    • Room dimensions and space.
    • Work stations and seating.
    • Condition of floors and traffic routes.
    • Falls or falling objects.
    • Windows and transparent or translucent doors, gates and walls.
    • Windows, skylights and ventilators.
    • Ability to clean windows, etc. safely.
    • Organisation, etc. of traffic routes.
    • Doors and gates.
    • Escalators and moving walkways.
    • Sanitary conveniences.
    • Washing facilities.
    • Drinking water.
    • Accommodation for clothing.
    • Facilities for changing clothing.
    • Facilities for rest and to eat meals.

The HSE has produced an Approved Code of Practice and Guidance booklet for this legislation. It is a priced publication, copies of which can be ordered via the HSE Books website.